Waiting to Buy Could Cost You!


As a seller, the cost of your home only affects you for a short period of time. But, as a buyer, the price of the home affects you for YEARS, and many buyers do not take this into consideration. Of course it is all dependent on the type of mortgage your choose and the interest rate at the time.

Interest Rate– is the key thing to keep in mind. In the recent news, many of the major players projected that mortgage interest rates will increase. Possibly even a FUll 1% in the next few months. So, in addition to home prices rising, interest rates will also continue to rise.

So, if you are considering a home purchase in the near future, NOW may actually be the right time to buy. Waiting…may cost you more then you think. Although the fluctuating interest rates can only be as estimate from week to week, talking with an experienced realtor in the area you’re looking in could help you get a closer estimate.

So, if the average price of a home is $250,000, and the interest rates rise by 1%… here is how you would be affected. Your mortgage cost would be an extra $150 dollars a month. An extra $1,800 a year. And approximately $54,000 in interest over a 30 year loan.

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Buying now could actually save you around $54,000! These are fairly significant changes for the average middle class family.



“The Millennials”
“Generation Y”

As a recent college graduate, these topics have come to my attention numerous times. Savings, homeownership, debt, etc… The “millennials” or “Generation Y”, and all the stereotypes surrounding my generation are lengthy and complicated, but here are a few of my own thoughts and ideas.

ImageMany of my college classes prepared me for interviews where I would need to overcome the stereotypes of my generation. (Generation Y, born between the mid seventies to late nineties.) For me personally, I do not feel that I fit the stereotypical “Generation Y” young adult. Let’s take a look at some of these stereotypes:

1. We are like leeches– “Take everything, give nothing”. We have been given everything, and we didn’t have to work for anything we have. “Entitled” is a good way to explain it.

2. We have helicopter parents-Our parents will do anything to make sure we get good grades. They pay for our living expenses. They bring over groceries and home cooked meals, and we do our laundry in their house. We call, text and email or Facebook our parents DAILY.

3. We are trophy children-We were given trophies as children just for participation. We were always taught that we should be congratulated for everything we do. We need CONSTANT praise.

4. We are lazy-You’ve heard it. “Work smarter, not harder”. This is just one of the Generation Y “statements”, and we specifically use it in the workplace.

5. We have a lot of debt-We don’t save our money. We spend it…on the best and most recent goods of course!

For me personally, and many of my other classmates and friends,  these negative stereotypes were a bit discouraging. These stereotypes  can be detrimental to you in many different aspects of life: Finding a job, finding a life partner, owning a home, etc…When you are constantly compared in a negative or unfavorable manner, you can start to “take on” these stereotypes.

Luckily for me, I have realized that this broad assumption of my generation does not ring true to me. Some of the ideas surrounding Gen Y are true for me, but in my opinion, they can ring true to any generation.

I grew up in a middle-class family. My sister and I were taught the importance of working for what you have. All of my Christmas and Birthday checks were put in a savings account. (I’m glad for that now…) Before going out to play with friends, we had chores and housework to complete, and no, we didn’t get paid to do it. I played numerous sports as a child, and I did receive participation trophies. I am not quite sure what to think of this whole trophy thing. Personally, I never wanted the participation trophy. 1st place all the way! I was expected to get good grades in school. There was never an option to do poorly. And, I got great grades in school. (This was also due to the high standards I place upon myself.) I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Business and Marketing degree TWO years early. And, I landed a job right away. I have my own dog, and my own home in Woodbury, MN. I live close to my parents, and they do bring me home cooked meals every once in awhile. They also gladly watch their grandson dog. My parents and I check in and talk on a daily basis, so some may see me as “dependent” upon them. I see it as an important aspect of my life. They won’t be around forever.

So how does this all relate to the topic of real estate?


For many people, the dream of owning a home is exactly that: a dream.

There are many factors that contribute to this: unemployment, debt, the housing crisis, mortgage qualifications, and more. All of these factors hold especially true for Gen Y. Although I feel that many of these negative stereotypes are not true, a lot of them are. And the above reasons make it harder for our generation to own a home.

Homeownership is a priority for many of us. Many of my fellow Gen Y’ers are actually well educated, creative, and innovative. But, we have a few downfalls directly related to homeownership that may put our dreams at bay.

Debt and savings. We have LOTS of debt. BAD debt to be specific. Of course school loans are part of the enormous debt, but, we also have: credit card debt, car loan payments to make, bad spending habits, and poor saving habits. To top it off, we want the latest technologies (laptops, IPhones, tablets). We want to have gym memberships, eat at fancy restaurants, take extravagant vacations, wear pricy clothing… and the list goes on. In my opinion, much of this could be contributed to growing up in well-off families. But, who knows. There are also many different statistics showing the improvement of Gen Y and bad debt, but it is still an issue.

This debt, and our poor saving habits, make it very difficult to even think about owning a home. Like anyone who is interested in purchasing a home, reducing debt is extremely important when qualifying for a mortgage. Cutting back on some of the unnecessary expenses is a very wise decision.

So coming straight from a Gen Y gal, here are some tips I have for you:

  1. Ditch the cable TV.
  2. Don’t get the latest technology the minute it comes out. Wait for sales.
  3. Sell unwanted clothing to make a little extra cash.
  4. Opt out of Internet and a home phone- use the coffee shop and library if possible.
  5. Have a roommate.
  6. Move home with parents to save up for awhile.
  7. Cook at home. Find meals you can freeze and pack your lunch.
  8. Buy a car you can afford. Think about your dream car later down the road. You don’t need this extra payment.
  9. Use what you already have.
  10. Cut coupons for items you actually need- groceries, toilet paper, medicine, etc… Don’t clip coupons for items you don’t need. You may actually spend MORE money.
  11. Save your loose change.
  12. Establish a budget.
  13. Don’t put it on a credit card, unless you HAVE to. Only buy what you can afford.
  14. Create small goals and work towards them.

I am still working on many of my own goals. It takes time to create a habit and a lifestyle. I feel that recognition is the first step to achieving a dream. For my fellow Gen Y’ers, some of these tips may help you down a path to homeownership- a very important aspect of life. My team works specifically with first time home buyers, and we love providing information and tools to help out in the home search.



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Ratings & Reviews of Roseville Area Preschools

When looking to purchase a home in the Roseville area, it is important to consider the school district. If you have children, you know how heavily the education system weighs on your home purchase decision. There are multiple other factors that can influence your home buying decision. These may include actual home features, such as the size, layout, or the age of the home…Maybe your top concern is the home proximity to different parks and businesses or even your place of work.


The local school district is a factor that has significant influence on many buyers. The Roseville area offers many different preschools-both private and public. Below are a list of preschools, their information and some ratings and reviews.

1. Parkview Center School

Public · PK-8
701 West County Rd B
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “Parkview is special because parents are engaged. It is a public K-8 school, but as a district ‘choice’ school, parents must specifically choose Parkview Center School to have their children attend. This results in a healthy atmosphere and attitude at the school, because the parents who care enough to choose a specific school generally are attentive to parenting, how their children are interacting with peers, and what their children are learning. There are many other reasons, but this reason would be high on my list of ‘top ten reasons to give Parkview Center School a high rating.” —Submitted by a parent

2. Fairview Program


Public · PK-12
1251 West County Rd B2
Roseville, MN 55113

No Reviews Found

3. St. Rose of Lima Elementary School


Private · PK-8
2072 Hamline Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “I have 3 children that attend Saint Rose. (2012-13- 7th, 6th, and 4th) They’ve attended since preschool with the exception of 1 year outside of Saint Rose. I tried the public school system for one year, and returned the children to Saint Rose. Saint Rose is more than a superb education. It is a community where everyone is interested in each child’s well-being. The school has one camera monitored entrance which makes it a safe environment for the children. Spanish has been added to the curriculum and will be taught to every child during the 2013-2014 school year. I am so grateful that my children attend a school that not only gives them an excellent education, but also cares about their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.” —Submitted by a parent

4. King of Kings Lutheran School


Private · PK-8
2330 Dale St N.
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “With each grade limited to 15 students or fewer, the teachers have time to help each child reach his or her potential. With only 115 students in the school, the principal knows all students and parents by name. The school provides an excellent, Christ-centered education. This year all classrooms and public spaces were remodeled and a large addition was put in place, so the facilities are very nice, too.” —Submitted by a parent

5. Kinderberry Hill Child Development


Private · Preschool
2360 Lexington Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “I am shocked that this school does not get anything but 5 stars. We just moved from Minnesota to Texas and I literally cried when we had to pull my son out from there. He was there for a year and we absolutely loved it. I think Kinderberry Hill is the standard that you should judge other schools against. After going there it is hard to like anything else. they are pricey but then you get what you pay for.”

6. Miniapple International Montessori


Private · Preschool
1875 W Perimeter Dr
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “The montessori program is awsome.The teacher retention level is high and they have high standards.”

7. Kinderhaus Montessori School


Private · Preschool
3115 Victoria St N.
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “We searched all over the metro area for a Montessori school for our daughter. After researching several programs in the area, we knew that Kinderhaus was the best fit for our daughter. While some of the Montessori programs have had frequent turnover rates in teachers, the teachers at Kinderhaus have been teaching there, as a team, for over twenty years. Therefore, the relationship of the teachers and the classroom routine has been well-established. The environment is welcoming, engaging, and clean, with materials that are in great condition. This was not the case in some of the other programs we visited. From the moment my daughter entered Kinderhaus, she felt comfortable exploring and did not want to leave. That was a huge sign that we had made the right decision. Now, we are amazed everyday at the new things she is learning. For instance, at three, she is able to articulate the difference between living and non-living things and discuss the continents. Her independence is soaring as well; she is able to dress herself, pour her own milk, and understands the need to pick up after herself when done with an activity. We cannot say enough great things about Kinderhaus!”

8. Nehi Christian Day Care Center


Private · Preschool
2701 Rice St
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “My stepson goes to preschool here. He loves all of the teachers and he is excelling and learning! He’ll absolutely be ready for kindergarten and his teacher, Ms. Deiss, is a gem. Highly recommend NeHi both as a daycare and as a preschool.”

9. Roseville Lutheran Nursery School


Private · Preschool
1215 Roselawn Ave W.
Roseville, MN 55113

No Reviews Found

10. Red Robin Pre-School


Private · Preschool
1524 County Road C2 W.
Roseville, MN 55113

No Reviews Found

11. Roseville Nursery Group


Private · Preschool
2120 Lexington Ave N.
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “Great preschool, very nurturing setting, the teachers are truly caring and dedicated. Both my daughters loves going there, any missed day is a bad day. My older one who is in the kindergarten loves to return there to see the the teachers again. It is not a “pushy”, all-about-academics preschool – the children get to be children there with lost of crafts and free play and yet, my older one was well ready for the kindergarten. A++++ for this school!”

12. Northwestern College Child Development Center

Private · Preschool
2945 Lincoln Dr.
Roseville, MN 55113

Reviews: “This is the best childcare center you will find. After pulling our two kids out of another center, we were referred to Northwestern College Child Development Center by some friends. I can’t express what a great job they do with the children. The first day when we picked up our son after puliing him out of the other center we thought it may be tough on him since he had to leave his friends. When we got there he asked us if he could stay a little longer to play with his new friends. Our two year old daughter has Downs Syndrome and the staff could not be more accommodating to her needs. You will not find a better center.”

13. North Como Pre-School

Private · Preschool
965 Larpenteur Ave W.
Roseville, MN 55113

No Reviews Found

If you are aware of any other great schools in the area that deserve a mention, please leave your comments below! For any further information about the Roseville area, please feel free to contact us at 651-269-3487 or email us at Sandy@SandyErickson.com!

Information retrieved from: http://www.greatschools.org/minnesota/roseville/schools/?gradeLevels=p

Snuffy’s Malt Shop

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 12.42.28 PM

 Snuffy’s Malt Shop in Roseville, Minnesota is one of the neighborhood favorites. 2013 marked their 30th year in business. Located at 1125 Larpenteur Ave. W is the retro malt and hamburger shop that has been there for years! I lived in the area for a few years while I attended college. My mother also grew up in the neighborhood. Snuffy’s was always a great destination place for everyone to grab a great burger and homemade malt. The malts come is poured into a chilled glass and served with a straw, and is a perfect treat for any day. Their half-size is enough to fill you (especially if you have a burger), but the full size is fun to share or to enjoy a special treat.

The Roseville location is one of four restaurants in Minnesota. The restaurant carries a 50’s themed hamburger malt shop, complete with checkered red and white tablecloths, and red and white striped awnings.

The menu consists primarily of burgers and shakes and malts. There are a wide variety of flavors, that consistently change-up. Along with the delicious burgers and shakes, there are plenty of side items such as fries, onion rings, and different salads.

Let’s take a look at Snuffy’s Awards over the years: 

1997- New York Times mentions Snuffy’s Malt Shop as “among the most popular neighborhood restaurants”

2001- Snuffy’s Malt Shop was referred to as a favorite Secret Spot by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

2006- Snuffy’s Malt Shop was voted as the 2nd best burger restaurant in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine Reader’s Poll.

2009- The Minnesota Daily placed Snuffy’s Malt Shop amongst its favorite Dime-piece Diners.

2010- CBS Minnesota place Snuffy’s Malt Shop on its list of Best Eats Near Shoreview.

“Best Restaurant for Kids” & “Best Burger” – Twin Cities Reader

“Best Milkshakes” -Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine

“Best Family Restuarant”- AOL City Guide

If you have not taken some time out of your busy life to visit Snuffy’s, now is the perfect time to give it a try!


Home Staging Secrets

1. Say goodbye to clutter- Furniture and “trinkets” are your biggest source of clutter. Remember, buyers want to envision their own personal items in a room. The more they can see their belongings and furniture in a room, the better!


2. Get rid of junk rooms- Stage it as an office, a guest bedroom, a reading spot, a craft room, etc… A room used for something…looks better than having an entire room dedicated to storage! Be careful not to make the room double-duty. It can be confusing if it looks like a bedroom and an office and a workout area. The picture below displays a confusing room layout. Is this a bedroom or a family room?


3. Neutral is best- This means that walls should be painted to a neutral hue. Add a pop of color with a patterned chair, curtains or decorations.


4. Fresh Flowers- Add some living plants to bring color and sweet smells!


5. Create “new” items on a low budget- Kitchen cabinets are a major eye sore that can show an outdated house pretty easily. Add new faces instead of an entire cabinet. If you have to…paint them! White is always a good color to make your kitchen space look larger, and brighter.

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Fun Facts About Roseville, Minnesota

Our office is located in Roseville, Minnesota…so it only makes sense to share some fun facts about our area and where we do business best!

1.The Guidant John Rose MN Oval is the largest outdoor refrigerated skating facility in the world, featuring an 110,000 square foot slab of concrete used for ice-skating in the winter and inline skating in the spring, summer and fall.

2. Roseville’s property taxes are some of the lowest in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. This is partly due to the fact that much of the land is commercially zoned land.

3. Roseville stands on land that was once home to the Dakota and Ojibwa Indians. The Dakota believed their land superior because it was located at the juncture of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, which they poetically claimed, was immediately over the center of the earth and beneath the center of heaven.

Many years later in 1940, Ramsey County Surveyors bolstered this claim when they placed a boulder on the spot they determined was exactly one-half the distance between the equator and the North Pole. That spot is on the east side of Cleveland Avenue, just north of Roselawn Avenue in Roseville.

4. Farms and nurseries dominated the area until the 1930s. Then, commercial development arrived because the area boasted lots of open space, a convenient location and a railroad. when commercial development arrived, attracted by the wide-open space, convenient location, and the railroad.


5. The city is the hometown of these famous or noteworthy people:

  • MacGyver
  • Stargate
  • Dean Anderson
  • Loni Anderson
  • Peter Krause
  • Jim Kramer

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