Home Staging Secrets

1. Say goodbye to clutter- Furniture and “trinkets” are your biggest source of clutter. Remember, buyers want to envision their own personal items in a room. The more they can see their belongings and furniture in a room, the better!


2. Get rid of junk rooms- Stage it as an office, a guest bedroom, a reading spot, a craft room, etc… A room used for something…looks better than having an entire room dedicated to storage! Be careful not to make the room double-duty. It can be confusing if it looks like a bedroom and an office and a workout area. The picture below displays a confusing room layout. Is this a bedroom or a family room?


3. Neutral is best- This means that walls should be painted to a neutral hue. Add a pop of color with a patterned chair, curtains or decorations.


4. Fresh Flowers- Add some living plants to bring color and sweet smells!


5. Create “new” items on a low budget- Kitchen cabinets are a major eye sore that can show an outdated house pretty easily. Add new faces instead of an entire cabinet. If you have to…paint them! White is always a good color to make your kitchen space look larger, and brighter.

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