Fun 4th of July Events in Minnesota

Still no plans for the 4th? Here are a few fun events in the Twin Cities, and a great location for fireworks!


The 4th of July marks the anniversary of the day in which the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England all the way back in 1776. This eventually led to the formation of the great United States. 238 years later, we are still celebrating this day and family, friends and the communities around us are truly what this day is all about. Minnesota, and the Twin Cities in specific, have some fabulous events to celebrate the 4th of July!

1. Taste of Minnesota
Date: July 3-6, 2014

The Taste of Minnesota usually takes place on Harriet Island, but due to our large amount of rain, the event has been relocated to Carver County Fairgrounds. The new location address is 501 West 3rd Street in Waconia, Minnesota, just off of Highway 5. The Taste of Minnesota is one of the largest Minnesota celebrations out there. Some of the entertainment this year includes: 92KQRS, 93X, 102.9, fireworks every night starting at 10:20 pm, and many different exhibits. Some fun food and beverage vendors include: Kemps Ice Cream, Maui Wowi, El Burrito Mercado, Granite City and many more! For more information on the Taste of Minnesota, visit their webpage at:

2. Red, White & Boom
Date: July 3-6, 2014

This is a two-day celebration hosted by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. This event is held annually and attracts over 60,000 people. There are plenty of activities, live music and great food. The fireworks are some of the best in the state. Visit their FB page for more updates and information:

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Minnesota Home Flooding Tips


If you are a resident of Minnesota, you are very aware of all of the rain and flooding throughout the state. Streams, rivers and lakes are bulging, and many have spilled over to create flooding. High waters are likely to crest in the coming days. The water is not only a nuisance, but also poses danger from landslides and flooding roads, to flooding homes. Some lakes throughout the state have created a “no wake” warning, creating a longer delay for Minnesotan’s to get out and enjoy summer after a very long and cold winter.

This summer has been the wettest year ever in recorded history for the state of Minnesota. With flooding expected, local homeowners could see the effects in their homes. Flooded homes not only pose a problematic mess, but they can also be very dangerous.

Here are some of our tips if you run into the unfortunate situation of flooding: 

  1. Turn Off Electricity- DO NOT walk into any water standing in your home without turning off the main breaker or fuse box. If you cannot reach the breaker box without walking through the water, call the local fire department to come turn off your power.
  2. Document You Water Damage- Take pictures of the water damage on your property. Do it as soon as possible, so you can document the damage for insurance claims.
  3. Watch for Gas Leaks- Gas leaks are very possible during a flood. Turn off your gas outside the home, and if you are unable to, call the gas company. Beware of a hissing noise, and the smell of gas, which may indicates a leak.
  4. Do Not Eat/Drink Food- Beware of contamination from food and water that came in contact with contaminated floodwater. Also, do not drink tap water until you know it safe.
  5. Pump Water Out Gradually- Pump out portions of the floodwater everyday. DO NOT pump the water out all at once. This can cause structural damage.
  6. Use Bleach to Clean- Disinfect your home by using a bleach and water solution on the walls and floors. All of the household belongings in contact with the floodwater should also be washed in this solution. Some pieces may need to be professionally cleaned or replaced all together. Use air conditioning, fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the inside of your home.
  7. Discard Any Moldy Items- Wood and upholstered furniture, as well as other porous materials can trap mold. If you can’t properly clean, discard these items.

Traffic Conditions:
Check for traffic conditions and road closures in Minnesota.

Flooding Map:
Take a look at this site  view a map of flooded areas.

Emergency Electricity Problems: 
Visit Xcel Energy for important electricity updates


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Lake Homes in the Twin Cities

We all know that Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, although there are really over 11,000 Lakes. The ten largest lakes in Minnesota are as follows:

1. Red Lake (Upper & Lower)- 288,800 Acres
2.  Mille Lacs Lake – 132,516 acres
3. Leech Lake – 111,527 acres
4. Lake Winnibigoshish – 58,544 acres
5. Lake Vermilion – 40,557 acres
6. Lake Kabetogama – 25,760 acres
7. Mud Lake (Marshall County) – 23,700 acres
8. Cass Lake – 15,596 acres
9. Lake Minnetonka – 14,004 acres
10. Otter Tail Lake – 13,725 acres

If you are familiar with the Duluth area, Lake Superior is a very large lake. However, the lake is only partially in Minnesota. Lake of the Woods is another very large lake, but only partially in Minnesota.

Lake homes and cabins are very popular in the Minnesota area. However, many people that live in the Twin Cities travel up North a few hours to get to the lake! There are over 150 properties near the Twin Cities for sale that are considered lake front properties, and we have the list below!

Click the picture below to view over 100 lake homes in the Twin Cities starting from under $150k:


Now ask yourself… why would you pack up the car and drive a few hours just for a few days, if you could live on a lake everyday? We think being close to the city and having a home on a lake is truly the best of both worlds!

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May 2014 Housing Market Update

May 2014- “The American Dream of homeownership is alive and well…” (Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors). 


The housing market looks to still be fluctuating, and some may have noticed a slight pause in the housing recovery this year. As noted by the MNAR, homes need to be listed in order for buyers to buy the homes. Reliable financing, better jobs, and stronger wage growth is also necessary.

In May 2014, new listings increased by 3%. Pending sales were down 9%, and inventory levels grew 6.1%.  The median sales price of homes in the Twin Cities area increased 8.2% to be around $210,000. All in all, May 2014 still shows a strong indication of a growing housing market.

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HGTV’s ‘Rehab Addict’ Minneapolis Home For Sale

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If you’re anything like our team, you love real estate, and you find value in homes and neighborhoods. That’s why we decided to feature a very fun story about a Minneapolis home that just went on the market!

You either have or have not heard of the Minneapolis ‘Rehab Addict’, Nicole Curtis! Nicole Curtis aims to save historic house in Detroit, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota! She enjoys saving homes from being demolished, and works hard with her crew to return condemned properties back into a real jewel on the block.

One of her latest projects just went on the market this past week in Minneapolis! The house is located at 1900 25th Ave. N. in Minneapolis! This 1929 bungalow boasts its original built-in buffet, has beautiful woodwork throughout, and lots of original detail. Below is a picture of her in the home…


This house transformation was featured on her show Rehab Addict, and is currently for sale! Although Curtis said “people warned me against investing here”, she decided that it made her want to pursue the area more. According to the Star Tribune, she enjoys “going where people tell her not to go”.

The home is located in the North Minneapolis neighborhood which currently has the highest demolition rate in the city. The aim of the show and Nicole Curtis’s love for homes is to help build the community back up in to a safe and nice place to reside.

Within a ½ mile radius from the home, there are currently 29 other homes for sale. Some of the homes do have offers pending. The home prices range from $30k to $170k. 1900 25th Ave. N. definitely stands out among the rest of the homes and as of 6/11 is priced at $150k.

Update: As of today, October 1st, 2014- the home has been on the market for 117 days, and is currently priced at $135k. $15,000 less then the original asking price!

Below are some pictures of this fabulous home!

This beautiful Craftsman Bungalow has all the original character, new brick exterior, new concrete work, gutters, roof, mechanicals and custom historic storm windows. High efficiency furnace and Central Air. large fenced backyard and garage w/drive"
This beautiful Craftsman Bungalow has all the original character, new brick exterior, new concrete work, gutters, roof, mechanicals and custom historic storm windows. High efficiency furnace and Central Air. large fenced backyard and garage w/drive”
Beautiful front sunroom
Beautiful front sunroom
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“Refinished Hardwood Floors throughout this home. The living room is open tot he dining room and has great quartersawn oak detail throughout including built-in bookcases and piano windows”
The most amazing master suite occupies the entire second level -refinished hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings
“The most amazing master suite occupies the entire second level -refinished hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings”
Original Built-Ins
Original Built-Ins
Master Bath- Beautiful claw foot tub
Master Bath- Beautiful clawfoot tub

Whoever ends up being the homeowner of this gorgeous bungalow, will get a special piece of history!

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Take Drab Windows & Turn Into Fab Frames

A fun and easy way to add a focal point to your room is to turn old windows into picture frames! It can be a cheap and fun project to add some color and meaning to your living space. This idea is particularly popular on social media sites right now, but not many sites offer directions. Having tried the project myself, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks for my fellow crafters.

Below is a picture of two of my finished frames. I chose to add a pop of color to my room with these frames. My company always enjoys hearing about these pieces of art!

1. Find a Window-

Finding a window was not too difficult for me. Better yet, my windows were free. I found them at an old cabin up North in Ely, Minnesota. One of the owners was redoing his cabin, and generously offered me the windows. Not only are they a good reminder of my trip, but they are perfect for my living room! Others choose to find a window that holds a piece of their family history or a special part of their past. Craigslist and Ebay offer many different options to purchase windows. You can also find them for free on those two sites!


  • Choose a single slotted window for a single picture, piece of artwork, or large photo
  • Choose multiple slotted windows for a different effect
  • Make sure the window can be hung or displayed- this means that the wood shouldn’t be rotting and the window panes should be clear from cracks that could later cause an injury
  • If possible, stay clear from lead painted windows

2. Paint/Refurbish Your Windows-

The wooden frames I choose were in pretty good condition. Some people enjoy sanding them down for a smooth look, but I enjoyed the vintage feel. To keep my frames rustic, I chose two different paint colors and just painted over the existing paint. I also kept the old hinges on the windows. I thought it added some nice detail. I was not overly neat with my painting, and I like the overall effect it had on the frames. I also cleaned the glass panes before attaching the pictures.

3. Find Your Artwork/Photos-

For two of my frames, I added a bright yellow wallpaper behind the window pane. I then hung a small verse that I printed from my computer with green ribbon. For my multiple slotted window, I printed 6 different photos from my computer and used clear tape to attach them to the window pane. You can also add artwork, or professional photos. My photos look like they are “floating” because I chose to make them smaller then the window pane. You can also have them fill the entire space.


4. Hang Your Frame-

Remember that your window frame will most likely be extremely heavy. Use a good hanging kit for industrial hanging. Consider using up to three hangers to securely hang the frame. I decided to screw my frame directly to my walls. I used a long screw in all four corners and attached it to the wall this way.

Happy Crafting!


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