Top Kitchen Design Trends

When working with our clients, we always see a great emphasis placed on the kitchen area in the home. If buyers find a home that is great in all areas, but lacking in the kitchen area, it usually poses a problem. If the kitchen is fabulous, but the rest of the home isn’t so great… buyers may still choose that home! The common theme? The heart of your home is undeniably the kitchen!


1. Gray is in-

Wall color and cabinetry… you got it! Gray is in. Gray is even in the running to beat white… the industry’s top cabinet color right now! Recently, my parent’s home went on  the market. The interior designer came through, and listed off some updates needed for their home! The kitchen wall colors were painted a gray-blue and the oak cabinetry was painted a gray/white!

2. Functionality & storage are a must-

If looking to purchase new cabinetry, consider functionality and storage. Many new cabinet doors and drawers have hydraulic and easy-to-close features. Automatic features are much more consumer friendly. Sensor-activated lights and hands-free faucets are some great features we love! If you are tight on space, consider drawers that double up with custom multi-tiered layers.  Also, think about adding a small pull-out cabinets for items like you spices and oils. We see a lot of these small cabinets next to the refrigerator! 

3. Colored sinks-

Neutral wall color and cabinetry is in right now, but it leaves some home owners without that splash of color they need! Consider a colorful apron-front sink. It is a simple way to add a small pop of color into a neutral kitchen, and also creates a great focal point. Furthermore, if you get sick of the color, you can change the sink out. It’s much easier to switch out a sink then it is to re-tile a backsplash or re-paint kitchen cabinets!

4. Choose bold fixtures- 

Speaking of color, that’s not the only way to create a focal point! Use oversized light fixtures with a fun fabric to create a wow factor! When thinking of bold, thing big. It may be bigger than you would expect for your space. Consider two large oversized light fixtures above your counter top. Lighting is a great way to create a dramatic look, and is also an easy fix for a new homeowner with a different style.

Always remember that if you change and update your kitchen, match the style of your home to your kitchen. You do not want to create an ultra-modern kitchen in a cottage-style home! 

Whether you’re living in the home, or planning to sell your home one day, you want your kitchen to look its best! Making a few updates here and there will eliminate the need for a total re-do down the line. Like most homeowners, you will probably need to sell one day. Many buyers don’t want to think about the cost and time needed for kitchen updates. Put your home above all the rest, with some of the top kitchen design trends!

Sandy Erickson Team of Keller Williams Realty 
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