Just a week ago, I took a day-long class to learn some new real estate techniques. The class was full of fun and useful information so that we, the agents & teams, can provide our clients with new and exciting information. During our class, I came across one tool that I feel is super useful, easy and fun to use! It is called SeeClickFix, and does exactly what it says. If you have ever encountered a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood (an abandoned vehicle, grafitti, a pothole, overgrown grass, a burnt out street light, an overflowing trashcan) and you’ve been unaware of who to contact for this problem, keep on reading!

As agents, we usually come across things in the city or neighborhood that our clients have questions on. For example, we may be showing a great house to a client…but the neighbors grass is way overgrown. Or, a client may be ready to put in an offer on a home, but is really worried about a broken streetlamp or pothole in front of the home. This tool can help resolve those problems and put a client and agent’s mind at ease when viewing homes.

This tool is simple. You see a problem in your city or neighborhood, you take a quick picture of it, and you submit it to the website using the easy app or website. It is completely anonymous  and is the simplest way to help clean up your community in a fast and efficient way. Visit here to read more about SeeClickFix and how it works: How It Works

For example, in Minneapolis, MN- our neighborhood, some of the most recent resolved cases include: an abandoned vehicle, graffiti, and a pothole. There have been over 2,406 cases just in the Minneapolis, MN area. With this quick and easy way to report these issues, our city is more efficient and cleaner! 

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 9.59.42 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 9.59.53 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 10.00.02 AM

You can see by these photos, that you can submit a picture of the issue. Then, the case will either be “open” or “acknowledged”, and the case will be given a number and you will know when the issue is resolved! 

To download the app and learn more about the app, visit here: SeeClickFix App

As a team in the Twin Cities area, we love seeing issues resolved quickly and efficiently. If a client needs peace of mind before buying that perfect home, this app can definitely help! If you’re looking to sell your home, but embarrassed or worried about that eyesore on your block, this app is also very helpful. 

For more information on our services, please contact us at 651-269-3487 or email us at

Sandy Erickson Team of Keller Williams Realty 

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