Coming Soon Listings: A Way to Market Your Home

 coming soon

People have been talking about the “coming soon” listing feature that Zillow recently added to its site. This feature allows certain agents to post or advertise homes that are not available for sale on the site up to 30 days before they are added to the MLS.  You may have heard these listings called by a variety of names: Pocket Listings, off- MLS listings, or office exclusives. The downside of Zillow marketing like this is that it goes out to all kinds of buyers who may be unqualified to buy, resulting in unnecessary raised hopes or showings for the seller, and the information on Zillow can be inaccurate and difficult to manage.

The Sandy Erickson Team offers a Pre-Listing Marketing plan for our sellers who have interest in taking advantage of a “coming soon” listing strategy without the confusion or wasted time of a national site like Zillow. We have a database of trusted, local realtors who will receive the information of your home directly. Providing your home’s information to Realtors will allow them to connect it to their pool of buyers, matching up the needs of their buyers with the home. The result is that only buyers who are truly looking for a home like yours, and truly ready to buy, will be the ones to respond to this “coming soon” strategy.

Our proven marketing strategy is more than a listing on MLS and a sign in the yard. We will create the greatest demand to get your home SOLD.


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