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Minneapolis Ranked Among Top Living Destinations for Millennials

Minneapolis, MN

A millennial is defined as a person of the generation between Generation X and Generation Z. They were born roughly between 1980 and 2000. Young adults in this generation have been known for a few specific things, just like any other generation. Some may look at these young adults as “entitled” or “spoiled”. Many joke that the Millennials have never heard the word “no”. And, much of this blame is placed on the “helicopter parenting” and “every child deserves a trophy” mentality. Another viewpoint of the Millennial is that we are extremely under-employed young adults with very high college debt. The chances of finding a job that will pay a decent wage is a difficult challenge many Millennials face. 

Looking at the latter point, one obvious conclusion is that Millennials are having a hard time finding a good place to live. Most cities have very high costs of living, expensive rent, and very few job opportunities available compared to the number of college grads. A recent statistic from the Project on Student Debt: Recent Publications, shows that seven out of ten college seniors who graduated last year had student loan debt. The average amount of debt is right around $30,000.

However, if you happen to live in the Minneapolis area, you may be in luck. Minneapolis, MN is one of the top-rated cities for low rental rates, inexpensive and accessible public transit, and more open availability for good paying jobs to help cover loan debt, food and clothing. 

According to Forbes.com, the average salary for Millennials is almost $43,000. Around 23% of the workforce in Minneapolis is compromised of Millennials. This is one of the top cities employing young people, and offering a very fair starting wage. Recently, the National Association of Realtors has named Minneapolis as one of the top cities for Millennials to purchase a home. The median home price in Minneapolis is around $212,900. To purchase a single-family home, a Millennial would need to make $47,928 with a 5% down payment, or $45,406 with a 10% down payment. With a 20% down payment, a Millennial would need an annual salary of $40,361. With only a 4.5% unemployment rate, a lower cost of living, and many employers hiring here, this is a great place to call home!


If you, or any Millennial you know may be looking to purchase a home in the Twin Cities area, please feel free to contact us at: 651-269-3487 or email us at Sandy@SandyErickson.com





Top Twin Cities Farmers Markets

With only a few more months left before the snow falls, make sure to get out and visit some of Minnesota’s top farmers markets. We have some of the best markets in the country, and many of them are right here in the Twin Cities!


The Saint Paul Farmers Market (Saint Paul)

290 E. 5th St. St Paul, MN 55101

The Saint Paul Farmers Market is one of the largest markets in Minnesota. The market offers everything, from vegetables to fruits, fresh flowers to herbs and many different plants. The market also offers different artisan-made foods, seasonal items (pumpkins, wreaths & Christmas trees), honey, spreads and dips, soaps, and much more! 

Midtown Farmers Market (Minneapolis)

2225 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55407

This market is open through late October! Here, you can enjoy freshly prepared foods as well as an array of produce. The market offers different meats and cheeses from local farms, many different pieces of art from local artists, and entertainment for all ages! Every week, this market features some sort of live music, kid-friendly activity, a cooking or composting demonstration, and gardening advice!

Kingsfield Farmers Market (Minneapolis)

4310 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 207-7893

“Hip, local, green & gourmet”! This market runs through late October, and the tagline describes it perfectly. This market offers an array of fresh produce and prepared foods. Enjoy lots of local foods, homemade crafts and local music! 

Northeast Farmers Market (Minneapolis)

Parking lot of St. Boniface Church
Corner of University Ave. NE & 7th Ave. NE

This market was established in the year 2000, and focuses on the educational experience of quality food. The market offers a fun twist to other local markets… for example, blending smoothies using bicycle power! The market also offers many different homemade crafts from local artists!

Farmers Market Annex (Minneapolis)

200 East Lyndale Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55405

The Farmers Market Annex is a market that offers food and different items from local and non-local artists and farmers! This is also one of Minnesota’s largest markets, and offers lots of different produce, flowers, jewelry  plants and seasonal items. This market specializes in flowers, Christmas trees and also offers a beautiful event center!

Fulton’s Farmers Market (Minneapolis) 

4901 S. Chowen Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55410

This market is fun and unique! There are lots of different items… not just the regular fruits, veggies and plants. Fulton’s Farmers Market offers many speciality ready-to-eat foods, pizzas, crafts and garden art! The market offers advice and recipes to help promote sustainability and healthy diets. If you have children, this is also a great market to keep the little ones entertained- magic shows, puppet shows and book readings are just some of the kid-friendly activities!


Make sure you take time to get out there and support our local farmers and artists! These markets are just one of the reasons we love living and doing business in the Twin Cities! For any information about the local housing market or questions about a specific area, please contact us at 651-269-3487 or email us at Sandy@SandyErickson.com

Did we forget a market that you love? Add you ideas and comments below! 

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Just a week ago, I took a day-long class to learn some new real estate techniques. The class was full of fun and useful information so that we, the agents & teams, can provide our clients with new and exciting information. During our class, I came across one tool that I feel is super useful, easy and fun to use! It is called SeeClickFix, and does exactly what it says. If you have ever encountered a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood (an abandoned vehicle, grafitti, a pothole, overgrown grass, a burnt out street light, an overflowing trashcan) and you’ve been unaware of who to contact for this problem, keep on reading!

As agents, we usually come across things in the city or neighborhood that our clients have questions on. For example, we may be showing a great house to a client…but the neighbors grass is way overgrown. Or, a client may be ready to put in an offer on a home, but is really worried about a broken streetlamp or pothole in front of the home. This tool can help resolve those problems and put a client and agent’s mind at ease when viewing homes.

This tool is simple. You see a problem in your city or neighborhood, you take a quick picture of it, and you submit it to the website using the easy app or website. It is completely anonymous  and is the simplest way to help clean up your community in a fast and efficient way. Visit here to read more about SeeClickFix and how it works: How It Works

For example, in Minneapolis, MN- our neighborhood, some of the most recent resolved cases include: an abandoned vehicle, graffiti, and a pothole. There have been over 2,406 cases just in the Minneapolis, MN area. With this quick and easy way to report these issues, our city is more efficient and cleaner! 

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 9.59.42 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 9.59.53 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 10.00.02 AM

You can see by these photos, that you can submit a picture of the issue. Then, the case will either be “open” or “acknowledged”, and the case will be given a number and you will know when the issue is resolved! 

To download the app and learn more about the app, visit here: SeeClickFix App

As a team in the Twin Cities area, we love seeing issues resolved quickly and efficiently. If a client needs peace of mind before buying that perfect home, this app can definitely help! If you’re looking to sell your home, but embarrassed or worried about that eyesore on your block, this app is also very helpful. 

For more information on our services, please contact us at 651-269-3487 or email us at Sandy@SandyErickson.com

Sandy Erickson Team of Keller Williams Realty 

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HGTV’s ‘Rehab Addict’ Minneapolis Home For Sale

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If you’re anything like our team, you love real estate, and you find value in homes and neighborhoods. That’s why we decided to feature a very fun story about a Minneapolis home that just went on the market!

You either have or have not heard of the Minneapolis ‘Rehab Addict’, Nicole Curtis! Nicole Curtis aims to save historic house in Detroit, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota! She enjoys saving homes from being demolished, and works hard with her crew to return condemned properties back into a real jewel on the block.

One of her latest projects just went on the market this past week in Minneapolis! The house is located at 1900 25th Ave. N. in Minneapolis! This 1929 bungalow boasts its original built-in buffet, has beautiful woodwork throughout, and lots of original detail. Below is a picture of her in the home…


This house transformation was featured on her show Rehab Addict, and is currently for sale! Although Curtis said “people warned me against investing here”, she decided that it made her want to pursue the area more. According to the Star Tribune, she enjoys “going where people tell her not to go”.

The home is located in the North Minneapolis neighborhood which currently has the highest demolition rate in the city. The aim of the show and Nicole Curtis’s love for homes is to help build the community back up in to a safe and nice place to reside.

Within a ½ mile radius from the home, there are currently 29 other homes for sale. Some of the homes do have offers pending. The home prices range from $30k to $170k. 1900 25th Ave. N. definitely stands out among the rest of the homes and as of 6/11 is priced at $150k.

Update: As of today, October 1st, 2014- the home has been on the market for 117 days, and is currently priced at $135k. $15,000 less then the original asking price!

Below are some pictures of this fabulous home!

This beautiful Craftsman Bungalow has all the original character, new brick exterior, new concrete work, gutters, roof, mechanicals and custom historic storm windows. High efficiency furnace and Central Air. large fenced backyard and garage w/drive"
This beautiful Craftsman Bungalow has all the original character, new brick exterior, new concrete work, gutters, roof, mechanicals and custom historic storm windows. High efficiency furnace and Central Air. large fenced backyard and garage w/drive”
Beautiful front sunroom
Beautiful front sunroom
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“Refinished Hardwood Floors throughout this home. The living room is open tot he dining room and has great quartersawn oak detail throughout including built-in bookcases and piano windows”
The most amazing master suite occupies the entire second level -refinished hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings
“The most amazing master suite occupies the entire second level -refinished hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings”
Original Built-Ins
Original Built-Ins
Master Bath- Beautiful claw foot tub
Master Bath- Beautiful clawfoot tub

Whoever ends up being the homeowner of this gorgeous bungalow, will get a special piece of history!

 If you are interested in finding a home or selling a home, we are here for all of your real estate needs.

Please Note: We are not the listing agents of this property.

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